Are you struggling to find meaning in this modern world?

  • Looking to create a major change in your life?
  • Do you want to improve your physical, relationship, mental or financial well-being?

Braden provides Numerology Scientific Analysis Consultancy which is based on integration of both Western Numerology (Pythagoras a Greek Mathematician) and Chinese Numerology which results to higher accuracy than other numerology analysis.

Why BradenTS Numerology Scientific Analysis...

  • Concern on your current job or business situation during COVID 19 period?
  • Want to know if any potential hidden health issue?
  • Anyone who is struggling to find love or couple (lasting relationships) or parents (stronger relationships with their children).
  • Business owners who want to bring in more clients or revenue.
  • Everyone who have depression and emotional unstability.

Find your way to ultimate fulfillment in your life as you master your self-awareness and take control of your life.

The analysis is designed to help you aware of your natural vitality, re-establish awareness and fulfillment in life and empower your mind with cutting edge insights from today's most advanced detail analysis on health , relationship, well-being, finance and productivity.

Led by Braden, one of the leading experts in life mastery numerology, this experience will challenge you to seek more from your life.

You'll learn how to grow professionally and personally and define fulfilment with one word: progress.


Willy Tay


Was introduced to Vitalita numerology through a friend's recommendation. After understand the service and what it encompasses, I decided to engage Braden's consultation. In which was a very thorough and detailed breakdown of the various personal numbers.

Understood that it was a combination of numerology and ancient Pythagorean formula and was very amazed by the level of accuracy that its able to read.

All and all it was a very enlightening session, Braden was able to give sound advice/solution in the area where the numbers are not favorable to certain aspects of your character, i found this helpful.

Personally, I would strongly recommend Vitalita Numerology to those who are interested in having their numbers interpreted.

Winnie Chin


Firstly, I would like to thank Braden and to have this opportunity for him to provide his numerology service to me.

Braden was detailed and concise in his reading, providing a very comprehensive explanation of the analysis of my numerology reading. I was much impressed by Braden’s knowledge and understanding of numerology.

Karen Cheah


I am impressed in-depth with the accuracy of my numerology reading by Braden (: He given me hope with his magic words that I still remember “everything has a solution”

At time I believed that by doing something to enhance your daily life path absolutely have you moving towards a positive energy. Braden also very responsive on all “after queries”

I highly recommend a reading by Braden. It is authentic and encouraging fun sessions!

Cassandra Goh

I had a full Numerology reading with Braden(Vitalita) a few days ago. I would say that the analysis result, and Braden’s explanations, read like a book of my life to this point.

And, with so much added info, I am more certain of the path I am on and more hopeful for my future and that I will attain my goals. Thank you, Braden, for this wonderful experience.


Thank you Braden very much for the reading. It was well worth the money, not just for the “numbers” but for your enthusiasm and practical help in seeing me live life outside the box, taking a chance to express my individuality and unique creativity.

Thank you for giving/sharing everything you could with me in the time we had.


I was amazed that this numerology reading conducted by Braden was accurate. It gave me self-esteem to move positively ahead in the future. Thanks to Braden and Vitalita 👍🏻👍🏻

Exciting Points of The Session

Right profile for yourself and your family

Free from your past and change your future

Achieve your dreams and goals of life

Who is Braden?

BradenTS Numerology is a one-stop-solution for Numerology Scientific Analysis which have being incorporated in Singapore founded by Certified Numerologist Braden Tai Se.

He began expanding his popular numerology profiles, adding additional analysis and algorithms as well as several consultation details.

We provide Numerology Scientific Analysis Consultancy which is based on integration of both Western Numerology (design by Pythagoras a Greek Mathematician) and Chinese Numerology.

The uniqueness of BradenTS Numerology Scientific Analysis are it will cover Birth Date, Birth Time, Identification(NRIC), Mobile Number, Home Address Number, and will also Forecast by year to year. Compare to other numerologists which only cover Birthdate and Birthtime.

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